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More English Fairy TalesJoseph Jacobs Complied More English Fairy Tales As A Sequel To English Fairy Tales Many Of The Stories Were In Print For The First Time Stories Included In This Collection Are The Pied Piper Of Franchville, Hereafterthis, The Golden Ball, My Own Self, The Black Bull Of Norroway, Yallery Brown, Three Feathers, Sir Gammer Vans, Tom Hickathrift, The Hedley Kow, Gobborn Seer, Lawkamercyme, Tattercoats, The Wee Bannock, Johnny Gloke, Coat O Clay, The Three Cows, The Blinded Giant, Scrapefoot, The Pedlar Of Swaffham, The Old Witch, The Three Wishes, The Buried Moon, A Son Of Adam, The Children In The Wood, The Hobyahs, A Pottle O Brains, The King Of England And His Three Sons, King John And The Abbot Of Canterbury, Rushen Coatie, The King O The Cats, Tamlane, The Stars In The Sky, News , Puddock, Mousie And Ratton, The Little Bull Calf, The Wee, Wee Mannie, Habetrot And Scantlie Mab, Old Mother Wiggle Waggle, Catskin, Stupid S Cries, The Lambton Worm, The Wise Men Of Gotham, And The Princess Of Canterbury.

[Download] ➻ More English Fairy Tales By Joseph Jacobs – Buyantivirus.us
  • Paperback
  • 196 pages
  • More English Fairy Tales
  • Joseph Jacobs
  • English
  • 05 January 2019
  • 9781605974668

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    Pretty good for the most part But for the most part, the stories are derivatives of or origins of the fairy tales most people are familiar with There are tiny differences, which was pretty cool, but over all, the same stories.

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    I was thrilled to receive a free copy of Joseph Jacobs More English Fairy Tales, published recently by Pook Press, from the LibraryThing Early Reviewers programme This book is a facsimile of the original 1894 edition of the text, complete with gorgeous illustrations from John D Batten It comprises an impressive eighty seven fairy tales, many of which are variations on better known versions of the stories, such as the many different versions of Cinderella which appear, and all of which are quite short in length All in all, it is a lovely collection to read, whether as an adult or a child.I found the selection of stories really interesting, particularly in instances where they followed a basic outline that was familiar but with some subtle differences The story that we all know as Goldilocks and the Three Bears appears in this collection as the story of Scrapefoot the Fox, who undergoes similar ursine exploits culminating in his being summarily defenestrated by the irate Bears It makes me curious as to how this character was transformed from a male fox into the little girl Goldilocks from the tale familiar today apparently by way of being an old woman and then a young girl called Silver hair, according to the appe...

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    This Pook edition leaves me with mixed feelings Why pay 23 for a paperback worth at most 7.95 new This is a Pre 1923 Public Domain Book with free downloads available at Gutenberg.org and or Archive.On the text More English Fairy Tales is a great old collection of English fairytales collected by a 19th century folklorist who wished to be remembered in the same vein as the famous German Grimm Brothers It does not seem that Jacobs ever was as ever as well known to the general public at least in the USA as his idols but I don t believe that this is any reflection on Jacobs work As a child, though, I only recall reading the Grimm Anderson s collections.The reader will recognize some of Jacobs tales from versions by other folklorists such as Perrault or the Grimms but there were a few that were new to me and seemed delightfully English in origin I love fairy tales in all their many styles and versions and would give the text and the illustration five stars Batten s black white illustrations are alternately beautiful, whimsical, humorous and dark as the tale demands.I don t know how today s children today would receive this lovely old...

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    This review was written for LibraryThing Early Reviewers.The collection and study of folk tales became a serious academic pursuit in the Victorian era, when enthusiasts began traveling especially to rural areas to collect the stories common people told each other through the generations Over time, a number of common motifs emerged as appearing in virtually all societies, and the stories came to be classified and interpreted in addition to just being collected One of the important folklorists in the late 1800s was Joseph Jacobs, who in two volumes, English Fairy Tales 1890 and More English Fairy Tales 1894 collected some 87 tales from around the British Isles, primarily from England More recently, Pook Press has start reprinting 19th Century children s classics, including the present volume The stories here range from a Pied Piper variant to Tamlane and The King of The Cats, along with less famil...

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    So, I know I enjoyed this than the first collection of English fairy tales by Jacobs, and while listening I was thinking that the stories felt varied than the original Certainly there s repeats of Grimm and Andersen tales, but not much of repeats within the book itself Sadly, I only recall one story The King o...

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    A solid book of fairy tales Some are good, some are bad, some depressing, and some just weird About what I expected, really.

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    Reviewed together with the earlier book in

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