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The Human Head Capstone Press Has Created An Easy To Read And View Anatomy Series With The Human Head As One Of The Titles That Examines The Layers Of The Human Head Using Colorful Photographs And Appealing Cross Sections With Labeled Diagrams, Students Will Enjoy Learning About So Many Of The Head S Fascinating Parts Such As Skin, Hair, Pores, Eyes, Ears, The Mouth, The Tongue, Taste Buds, The Nose, Muscles, Bones, Teeth, Blood, And The Brain I Especially Liked The Labeled Head Diagram Includes A Glossary, Index, Book Resources And Safe Searching Using Www.facthound.comNonfiction, Head

➠ The Human Head  Ebook ➦ Author Kathy Allen – Buyantivirus.us
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Human Head
  • Kathy Allen
  • English
  • 12 September 2019
  • 9781429633383

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    Capstone Press has created an easy to read and view anatomy series with The Human Head as one of the titles that examines the layers of the human head Using colorful photographs and appealing cross sections with labeled diagrams, students will enjoy learning about so many of the head s fascinating parts such as skin, hair, pores, eyes, ear...

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    Another volume in the fact finders series, this book dealing with all aspects of the human head from muscles, the skull, teeth, eyes and ears its all here in all its gory detail accompanied throughout by full colo...

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    This was a nice addition to go along with our science book chapters covering anatomy Very interesting, memorable information about the eyes, skin, tongue, nose, brain and numerous other facts pertaining to the head The illustrations were very clear an...

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    Simple for elementary and preschool kids, but interesting enough for the adult reading to the child I recommend this book for kids interested in the human body.

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