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The Age of the Democratic Revolution Palmer S Most Important Work Of Historical Scholarship Is The Age Of The Democratic Revolution A Political History Of Europe America 1760 1800 Published In 2 Volumes The Challenge 59 Which Won The Bancroft Prize In History The Struggle 64 This Masterwork Traced The Growth Of Two Competing Forces Ideas Of Democracy Equality, On One Hand, The Growing Power Of Aristocracies In Society, On The Other The Extraordinary Results Of The Collision Between These Forces, Including Both The American French Revolutions The Book Foreshadowed The Development In The 1990s Early 2000s Of Ideas Of Atlantic History Global History, Remains To This Day A Valuable Resource For Scholars In 1971 He Published A Slightly Revised Condensed Version Of The 2nd Volume As The World Of The French Revolution.

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    We used Palmer s history of Europe as our text in Tim Little s high school European History A.P class, so I was excited to find a copy of his magnum opus available and finally got down to read the thing when not burdened by school assignments.Palmer s two volume book is an attempt to globally picture the revolut...

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